Our Home Buyers get a 1% to 1.5% Rebate of the Sales Price = thousands of dollars!

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We give our home buyers a 1 to 1.5% rebate of the sales price. For example; on an $800,000 home purchase, our buyers get an $8,000 rebate and on a 2 million dollar purchase our buyers get a $20,000 rebate. Rebates are paid in escrow from our broker commission towards our buyer's closing costs . Getting or saving $8,000 means our buyer had to earn about $12,000 to net/save $8,000 or earn $30,000 then pay taxes/withholdings to net/save about $20,000.

It gets even better; on a new home purchase, our buyers get 50% of the builder commission paid to Boe Real Estate, but we must register you on your first visit to the sales office.

Get pre-approved now and get 1% back or more of the sales price. Take advantage of our Buyer Advantage Program, where our buyers get daily, automated, new MLS listings in real time, as they enter the MLS. FYI; to compete with other buyers, you must be pre-approved for your home loan and submit proof of funds with your offer.

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